Jul. 20th, 2012

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I went to sleep early yesterday. The entire day I had felt overheated like I was a Peace Keeper suffering from heath delirium. (Note that this is a Farscape reference for Leahabird.) Lisa and I went to an enjoyable restaurant, but the service was really slow. We were there for almost two hours. I felt ornery and thus decided that perhaps I was better off staying away from people.

I read a few graphic novels and then went to bed. My wife woke me late that night and ordered me to drink water as I was sweating like I had suffered from a heat stroke. I am very compliant in my sleep and I woke up drinking water very confused.

It rained in Seattle this morning. The sky had a somber feel to it. I didn’t find out about the Batman/Colorado shootings until I made it into work. It felt very surreal as it very well could have been me and my friends there. I know some people that could have been there, but luckily weren’t. It has reinforced this feeling of morality that I’ve felt since I turned 39 in April. We only get a limited amount of time on this rock. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve squandered some of my years. It has given me a strange melancholy that I haven’t managed to squish just yet.

This week, I finished all of my freelance deadlines and have started once again on my novel A Wicked Messenger. The current word count is 65,500 and I expect that it will reach 100,000 before it is complete. This is the sequel to The Highway West.

My next novel project will be titled A Parliament of Stars. I have the universe, the plot, and a number of details sharp in my mind, but I can’t figure out the name of the main character. It feels like this name should be epic and have multiple meanings. This character will reveal her name in time. A writer must learn to be patient afterall.

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