Jul. 3rd, 2012

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I borrowed this from [livejournal.com profile] matociquala. This is a very fun ideas. I have attached the opening lines to all of my open projects. Some of these projects are paused while I wait for a good market for them.

First Lines Meme:

Short Stories:

The world once felt wide and epic.
“What I Did This Summer: A 7th Grade Essay by Suzie Sampson”

If I’m still alive by dawn, the infection failed to take hold.
“To Joanie, With Love”

I’ve always found the scent of Chamomile Tea quite comforting; it smells sweet like a child’s birthday or a first kiss.
“The Three Gates of Agony”

Faint light from the sun glitters through the ice rings into a rainbow; the lifepod computer strictly monitors the amount of time I’m allowed a naked look through the viewport to avoid radiation poisoning.
“The Colour of Passion: A Study of Symbiosis”

A real man makes his own rules and then accepts the consequences.

Morning was the best time for hunting in downtown; the air was somehow cleaner and his prey was too concerned with the promise of a new day to notice him.
“The Value of a Year’s Worth of Tears and Sorrow”

The moon was full and pregnant with possibilities when the Faceless Ones set upon our village with obsidian knives.
“In the Shadow of the Pyramid of the Moon”

Father died last night as prophcied by the Shade of Samuel.
“Nothing Has Changed of the Sorrow in Store”

The stink of refurbished air and sweat permeated the formerly abandonded shuttlebay.
"Three Minutes"

Collin J. Farnsworth was conceived the night his father repelled an extra-dimensional invasion from a parallel universe where a humanoid species evolved from a vicious form of French speaking velociraptors.
"The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Collin and Locke"


The murder of crows perched on the giant willow tree that overshadowed the main house on the Carver Ranch.
A Wicked Messenger

Nathan Carver imagined that the blackbirds were always watching him.
The Highway West

Dylan Foley dreamed of being a pirate.
The Maelstorm of Forever

She once danced across the stars; freely and unfettered from responsibility.
Abigail's Dragon

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