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2012-11-30 11:39 am
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Beast Within 3: Oceans Released (Release Date 12/7/2012)


Graveside Tales has announced a release date of December 7th 2012 for their new anthology Beast Within 3: Oceans Released.

“The Murmur of Lorelei” was written as a valentine to my wife.

Edited by Jennifer Brozek
Foreword by Jennifer Brozek

“The Roe Girls” by Mae Empson
“Dry Run” by Pete Kempshall
“Wreckage” by Rosemary Jones
“Rites of Justice in Civilized Societies” by Amanda C. Davis
“Beyond the Reach of Moonlight” by Jamie Lackey
“The Murmur of Lorelei” by Jason Andrew
“Salt on the Dance Floor” by Nisi Shawl
“Mother Water” by T. S. Bazelli
“Beneath Feather and Fur” by Minerva Zimmerman
“Woman of War” by Ivan Ewert
“Trolling” by Michael West
“Safe” by Mari Ness
“Spawning Season” by Montgomery Mullen
“The Wedding Seal” by Josh Reynolds
“Hunger” by Jennifer Pelland
“The Summoned” by Wendy Wagner

Cover art by Shane Tyree
Interior art by John Ward

“The stories in here will make you think long and hard before going back in the water.” ~ Gary Brander, author of The Howling
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2012-11-30 09:53 am
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Story Acceptance: A Simple Job

I'm pleased to announced that my Jacob Heller story "A Simple Job" will be appearing in the Urban Occult anthology from Anachron Press.
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2012-11-29 10:21 pm
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Hunters Hunted 2: Open Source Development Review

Have you felt the urge to kill some vampires, son?

Justin Achilli and the Onyx Path has posted the Hunters Hunted 2 text for perusal as part the open source development of the V20 line. I think this is a big step forward in how RPGs are constructed with the aid and support of the fan communities. (I worked on two of the chapters for Hunters Hunted 2 so naturally I've very excited.)
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2012-11-29 10:19 pm
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Story Acceptance: Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula

I am very proud to announce that my short story "The Calm of Despair" has been accepted for the anthology Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula.
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2012-11-29 10:17 pm
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Story Acceptance: "Yellow is the Color of the Future”

I am very proud to announce that my short story "Yellow is the Color of the Future” has been formally accepted by the editors of the upcoming anthology Atomic-Age Cthulhu from Chaosium Books.  I had a blast writing this story, especially since I've always felt a weird kinship with Ed Wood junior.  This will be my third appearance in an anthology from Chaosium.

Other Appearances in Chaosium anthologies include:
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2012-11-29 10:16 pm
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Midwinter Gaming Convention: Interactive Writing Workshop (Jan 18th)

I'll be running my interactive writing workship next year at Midwinter Gaming Convention.  Check out the teaser below!

New this year on Friday, January 18th from 3:30PM-5PM! Join Jason Andrew for a writing workshop!

Do you yearn to write? Are you having trouble completing a story? Do you feel that you lack inspiration or motivation? Do you just stare at the blank page? Are you confused about where to find open-submission projects looking for writers? Come to the Interactive Writing Workshop! Participants will complete a number of short writing exercises designed to stimulate the creative process. The purpose of the workshop is to teach participants the basics of the writing for publication: researching a market, brainstorming for the project, writing a story, and then submitting it. Participants will be working towards actual open-submission markets.

Requirements: All participants should bring whatever writing instruments they feel most comfortable using; bring either a laptop or pen and paper.  Everyone must participate.Potential Target Anthologies:

Sword and Mythos: http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/blog/?p=19148
Handsome Devil: http://www.steveberman.com/news/calls_for_submissions
The Future Embodied: http://futureembodiedanthology.wordpress.com/
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2012-11-15 12:06 am
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Happy 165th Birthday to Bram Stroker (Nov 8th)

Today is Bram Stroker's 165th birthday. I love vampires as most of you know and thought that it would be awesome to celebrate this day by sharing a story. Here is a reprint of a flash vampire story I wrote back in 2008 that features new love, teenage rebellion, revenge, and the end of the world.

This story is NSFW (Not Safe for Work) and contains naughty words and quite possibly triggers for the sensitive.  You can read the story here.
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2012-11-15 12:05 am
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The Terror of Knowing: Lessons Learned from a Freelance Binge

The last few months have been very busy with a high word-count, Atlanta by Night, and Howl Con.  Thankfully, I've managed to carve out a week of rest to allow myself time to reacquaint myself with my wife and sleep.  This has given me time to ponder the lessons I've learned in the last couple of months and how to apply them in the future.

My time as a technical writer has trained me to think of creating in term of AGILE development.  Some writers seem to be able to get away with playing it fast and loose and find their way through things by instinct and luck.

That shit is only for professional badasses and literary gods!

  1. Figure out what your filing system and then make sure that it is updated daily.    Hunter S. Thompson might have had the clout to keep his editor waiting, but there rest of us have to work for a living.Time management is important when you are under a deadline.  Budget your time carefully to avoid one endless devastating crisis after another.I use an excel spreadsheet to track all accepted assignments, open submissions I want to target, and deadlines.  An editor wants to know about any potential problems concerning completing the assignment as soon as possible.  When discussing an assignment, I can open my spreadsheet and list off all of my obligations and negotiate for a better deadline.  Editors want less stress in their lives and reliable writers that deliver when promised make their lives easier and thus get more assignments.I made all of my deadlines, although I was exhausted by the end of it.

  2. Ensure that you have a disaster recovery system in place.  If your word file crashes, you don't want to have to rewrite under the gun.   I backup nightly to my Drop Box folder where I can access my files anywhere in the world at any time.   If my laptop explodes in a fit of rage, I have my work covered.This came in handy when one of my files was corrupted on my laptop and I was able to retrieve everything up to my last backup the evening before.  This saved my writer's behind twice.

  3. This is a job, be professional.   Complete assignments on-time.  Work before you play.  Batman: Arkham City might be the greatest game since Halo, but it isn't going to write the words for you.  Freelancing is a job.  Jobs require that you show up and work.I managed to complete all of my assignments and deadlines!

  4. Conventions are not vacations.  Writing about vampires or ninjas with the kung-fu grip doesn't justify unprofessional behavior especially when you are representing said work to the public.   Be polite and show curiosity.  Take the time to answer the actual questions on panels rather than just plugging your new book over and over again.  If it relates, then certainly don't be shy about talking about your work, but don't force the conversation there.Leave private disagreements private.  If you are speaking on a panel representing a product, you likely shouldn't start bashing the parent company over financial concerns.  Contracts shouldn't be randomly discussed in public.Present yourself as you want to be remembered.  This doesn't mean that you have to wear a suit to panels, but at minimum bathing with soap is required.  Don't be that stinky geek trying to sell his latest story.I think I managed to keep within acceptable guidelines on this one.

  5. Gently Network  Networking is more than running around asking other people for help with your career.   It is about talking to people, making real connections, and sometimes helping other people meet.Writer and Game Developer Jess Harley is a genius at the subtle art of gentle networking.  She is a naturally gregarious person that connects with people in a way I envy.  Jess starts conversations and panels by formally introducing everyone in the conversation circle.  Then, she follows up by sharing a bit of information about each person as she is introducing them.I think I need slightly more work on this one to overcome my shyness in large crowds, but I think I have made progress.

  6. Give yourself the freedom to simply be.  Embrace what you love.  Share your interests with the world and don't worry so much if said interests are cool or not.  If you are lucky enough to work on properties that you love, then enjoy the moment.
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2012-10-07 03:47 pm
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Knee Deep in the Hoopla: Crossing the Finish Line

Yesterday marked the end of a long, grueling three month writing marathon.  The publishing world seems to enjoy making a lot of their deadlines during the summer months when writers would rather be outside.  I suspect this is a form of passive aggressive torture from the editors for all of the bad slush manuscripts that they have to read.

This year, I decided that I was not going to miss a single deadline or opportunity.  This required a new dedication to the freelancer life and leveling up my self-discipline.  I've had to work when all of my friends were outside playing.  I woefully ignored my wife and had to turn down fun activities with friends.

I woke up in the middle of the night trying to escape dreams of restful code and Numina powers.  My head feels like I tried to best Hemmingway in a drinking contest and then was chased by bulls.

Don't fuck with the Jedi Master, son!

I did a review of my word count for the last three months.  This includes all of my fiction, freelance projects, and technical writing.

I managed a total word count of 145,284 words!  The breakdown works as follows:

  • Technical Documentation (APIs, User Guides, Developer's Guides, and Technical Overviews): 45,000 words.

  • Two Novelettes (My Love is Vengeance and Fading Light From a Dying Star):  31,233 words

  • Twelve Short Stories: 42,851 words

  • Proposal for Secret Project Omega: 5,100 words (Pending Approval)

  • Proposal for Secret Project 2: 1,100 words (Rejected)

  • Proposal for Secret Project 3: 1,112 words (Rejected)

  • Hunters Hunted 20, 000 words

I've never felt more like a writer.  There are huge leviathan projects coming up in the near future and for the first time I feel properly ready for them.

Until then, I'm recharging my batteries and sharing fellowship with the wife and friends that have been supporting me.  It takes a village to support village idiots and writers.
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2012-10-02 10:12 pm
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Kickstarter: One Shot - A Roleplaying Game of Murder and Vengeance

One Shot - A Roleplaying Game of Murder and Vengeance is a new RPG Kickstarter project.  I love the idea of this game.

One of the stretch goals involves me writing a story in this universe for an anthology.  Check it out and support people creating fun new games!!!
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2012-10-02 10:05 pm
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Hosting a Writer's Workshop at Howl Con (10/13/2012)

I will be hosting my writer's workshop at Howl Con in Portland next weekend.  Check it out!!!

Do you yearn to write? Are you having trouble completing a story? Do you feel that you lack inspiration or motivation? Do you just stare at the blank page? Are you confused about where to find open-submission projects looking for writers? Come to the Interactive Writing Workshop! Participants will complete a number of short writing exercises designed to stimulate the creative process. The purpose of the workshop is to teach participants the basics of the writing for publication: researching a market, brainstorming for the project, writing a story, and then submitting it. Participants will be working towards actual open-submission markets.

Requirements: All participants should bring whatever writing instruments they feel most comfortable using; either a laptops or pen and paper. Everyone must participate.

Potential Target Anthologies:

The Green Man: http://www.urbangreenman.com/
Elektrik Milk Bath Press Urban Fantasy Anthology: http://www.elektrikmilkbathpress.com/submissions
We See a Different Frontier: http://djibrilalayad.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/we-see-different-frontier-call-for.html
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2012-10-02 08:13 pm
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The Future Embodied Anthology

Mae Empson and I are pleased to announce that we're editing a speculative fiction anthology titled The Future Embodied.

You can check out the submission guidelines and all of the important details here: http://futureembodiedanthology.wordpress.com/
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2012-09-26 10:52 pm
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Life Round-up

My good friend Mae Empson has received some good reviews about her story in Cthuluerotica.

This weekend, I am traveling to Atlanta to attend Atlanta By Night.  I am looking forward to meeting a new of people that I've been working with and old friends from Minds Eye Society.

I''ll be attending Howl Con 2012 in Portland to run my writer's workshop.

I have been keeping my head down to complete my work on Hunters Hunted 2.  I expect to be done by the end of next weekend.  Thankfully, I only have one additional deadline during October.
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2012-09-21 09:14 pm
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Story Acceptance: Asenath

My story “Asenath” has been accepted for publication in the anthology Cthulhu: A Love Story to be published by Loyal Stone Press.

This story retells certain aspects of Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep” from the point of view of Asenath Waite. Such a wasted character!

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2012-09-21 09:13 pm
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A Quick Bite of Flesh: An Anthology of Zombie Flash Fiction

<a href="http://jasonbandrew.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/quickbitecoversmaller.jpg"><img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1689" title="QuickBiteCoverSmaller" src="http://jasonbandrew.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/quickbitecoversmaller.jpg?w=180" alt="" width="180" height="300" /></a>My flash story "The Embers Burn, and Gentle is the Arrow's Stinging" appears in <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Bite-Flesh-Anthology-ebook/dp/B009EIK4UK/">A Quick Bite of Flesh: An Anthology of Zombie Flash Fiction</a> published by Hazardous Press.
This was a fun story to write. I tried to imagine how someone would communicate in the modern world during a zombie crisis at the end of civilization. I took inspiration from this article about <a href="http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1905125,00.html">twitter and the Iranian Protests.</a>
I constructed the story in the form of tweets.  This gave the story a really personal slant and I love stories that play with the form that we imagine that fiction must have.
This story is presented in reverse chronological order just as tweets would appear on Twitter, but I think it works even better this way.
The print version of the anthology comes out next week sometimes.
The Kindle version of the anthology is available now.  You can check it out here: <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Bite-Flesh-Anthology-ebook/dp/B009EIK4UK/">http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Bite-Flesh-Anthology-ebook/dp/B009EIK4UK/</a>
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2012-08-30 04:37 pm
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The Only True Currency in this Bankrupt World is What We Share with Someone Else When We're Uncool

Life is sometimes really weird and you get what you need in ways you never imagined.

Yesterday, I received six different rejection letters from a variety of projects; some that were distant and others that were very close to my heart.   I have always suspected that rejection letters travel together in a huddled murder like crows.

Bwa-ha-ha!  We shall dash your dreams one at a time.

This is not the atypical afternoon for a writer.  However, I felt unusually broken about the rejections this time around.

I suspect this mental state had something to do with spending three hours creating sample code for REST APIs during my day job.  My wife was sick enough that she stayed home and thus I was worried for her health.

Typically, I commute home after work with my wife.  Yesterday, I rode the bus home.  Someone on the bus stank.  It was as though I were being punished by a cruel and merciless god.

I wondered if Neil Gaiman ever had to write the bus under conditions such as this.  The idea made me giggle slightly and I wondered what sort of story he would write afterwards.  I took detailed notes.

I watched part of Almost Famous while I ate dinner.  It was the scene where the band is on the bus singing Tiny Dancer and it make me smile just a little.

Sometimes, you just have to surrender to the moment and just relax.  I kissed my lovely wife and then napped.  I woke late in the night and discovered this video.

Curse you, Gaiman!  You can make anything look cool!

My head was clear.  The weight was gone.  Sometimes, I think life would be so much better if people napped more when they were tired.

Encouraged, I braved my laptop once more and checked my email.  There were a number of pleasant surprises awaiting me:

  • Edits from Justin Achilli for one of my chapters in the upcoming Hunters Hunted 2.  This has been a fun and classy experience on a game that I have loved for twenty years.  (Thank you, Justin!)

  • An Non-Disclosure Agreement for a classic property that I have loved for a very long time.

  • An invitation to a very awesome anthology.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see how far you've come when you are only glancing down at the work ahead of you and I think I needed to remind myself of that just a little.

This has been a glorious year for my writing career and it is possible that next year will be even better.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • I've grown as a writer.  I've managed to make a couple of sales that I've very proud of.  You can see some of my upcoming fiction projects on my Future Publications page.

  • I've managed to start working with five different famous IPs this year.  I was just asked if I was interested in helping out with a sixth one this afternoon.

  • A partial manuscript of my novel The Highway West is being reviewed by an excellent publishing company.  (Fingers Crossed)

I am healthy.   The love of my life, Lisa, is also healthy.  We belong to a wonderful circle of friends and family.  We both have good jobs.  Life is fairly good.

I can't remember why everything seemed so horrible yesterday.

At the end of this month, I'll be attending Atlanta By Night.  If you are a fan of Vampire: The Masquerade and will be in the Atlanta area, I recommend that you check it out.
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2012-08-28 11:48 am
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I'll Tell You in Our Next Life, When We're Cats: Life and Writing Update

Every city has a special flavor that makes it special and unique.

Downtown Seattle is a labyrinth of one way streets, coffee houses, and streets that don’t quite align.  You can turn a corner and realize that you've turned onto a street that ends directly opposite of a separate one-way street  heading in your direction.

It might sound like Seattle was designed by a crew of drunken monkeys with a grudge against the future.  You wouldn't be that far off from the truth.  During the pioneer days, two different developers had a difference of opinion about how the grin patterns for the streets should be laid out.  David “Doc” Maynard preferred that the streets were based off cardinal directions while Arthur Denny wanted to follow the Elliot Bay Shoreline.

Hence, the streets of Seattle follow three different grid patterns (due north, 32 degrees west of north, and 49 degrees west of north).

Driving successfully in Seattle is a testament to understanding the history of the city and how traffic flows around the unique landmarks.

There are nine major bridges in Portland according to Wikipedia.  This weekend I managed to get lost on almost all of them.  Portland feels like a distorted mirror of Seattle.  Things are very familiar, yet different in subtle ways.  Seattle has bounced back from the recession while the effects of the economic downturn are still keenly felt in Portland.

I managed to hang out with friends, attend a couple of business meetings, and explore this strange city.   Powell's Books is the largest bookstore that I've ever had the pleasure to enter.  I like to wander the shelves and count how many books of mine are represented there.  (For the record, I had four anthologies and one RPG supplement.)

On the ride home, I thought about the differences between Seattle and Portland and promised myself I'd try setting a couple of stories in Portland in the future.  I mentally went through my list of projects that need to be completed by the end of the year and I suddenly felt quite overwhelmed by the thought of all of that work.  It is a long and strange list filled with dream projects that I feel honored and lucky to be involved with.

Sadly, I am under four different Non-Disclosure Agreements at the moment, which means that I can't discuss any of them until they are announced by the parent companies.

I am currently working on the sequel to my novella "Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula" titled “Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge.”  The difficulty is keeping the same humorous tone while being true to the Lovecraft Mythos and actual historical events I'm spoofing.  Thankfully, I have until Friday to finish editing it.

Sunday, I came home very tired to a clean house thanks to wife #2 aka my wife’s best friend Amanda and then relaxed a great deal.

Last night, I prepared my work spreadsheet and I am fully determined to kill items off it this week so that I can relax without guilt this weekend.
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2012-08-22 02:18 pm
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52 Voices: Stories of the Broken, the Lost, and the Dreamers UPDATE

52 Voices: Stories of the Broken, the Lost, and the Dreamers is my latest personal writing project.  The plan is simple.  Once a week, I will interview one interesting person with a unique voice in an attempt to capture a single story about their life.  Said story doesn't have to have strictly happened in order to be true.  Stories can be funny, sad, important, trivial, or anything in-between as long as it touched me in the right way.

I will interview the subject with my mighty audio recorder and write about the experience.  The goal is to attempt to capture 52 voices to share with the world.  If it is desired, I'll use nom de plumes for those brave souls sharing stories.  Privacy will be respected.

UPDATE:  I’ve been organizing and preparing a list of people to interview.  I’ve managed to nail down a number of fascinating people; some of them I’m amazed agreed to help me with this project.  However, I am far short of the 52 voices required to make this project a reality.

If you are interested in telling me a story, contact jasonbandrew@gmail.com with the subject: 52 Voices.
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2012-08-16 02:19 pm
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How do you get all your friends to get baptized, just so you can make a monster movie?

"I was a little bit wild when I was young, darling, but I lived my life grandly." – Bunny Breckinridge


The great prophet and general badass Henry Rollings said that our taste in music peaks and freezes when we're thirteen years old.

When I was thirteen, Motley Crue was my favorite band in the world.   The right song can transport me to a time when the world felt young.  (This is perhaps a very uncomfortable view of my subconscious.)

Likewise, I think that our perception of the world is largely shaped by the storytellers that most captured our imaginations and our hearts as children.

This storyteller was the first to capture my imagination.

My first great love was words.  I loved the sound of them.  I loved reading them.  Stories could take you everywhere.   Who is this?  The legendary Ed Wood.

Yes, that Ed Wood.

I remember living with Papa Ray and Grandma Betty at a farm house with a walnut grove somewhere in the badlands around Fresno on Fowler.   I might have been around eight.

Books were a rare, precious commodity during that summer as there wasn’t a library outside of the one at the elementary school.  I had yet to be introduced to the Hobbit.

We lived far away from other children.  I explored the orchards with a sword fashioned from old grape trays, but eventually the summer days just dragged endlessly forward.

On a lonely Saturday afternoon, Papa Ray brought me a big plastic bowl filled with popcorn, sat me on his lap and introduced me to the Saturday Creature Feature.

The first movie was Plan 9 From Outer Space directed by Ed Wood.

Yes, this movie is horrible by today’s standards.  The dialog is stilted.  The special effects are horrid.   However, there was a joy and celebration of the macabre that fascinated me.   (Note to mention that I blame this movie for my interest in vampire girls.  I don’t have a chance, I tell you!)

It seems strange to know the exact moment you start to love a thing so much that it changes your life.  I watched every movie with a hint of terror.  When school started, I ran to the library that first recess and then checked out and read every book that the librarian would allow.

Last night, I started a new story to submit to the Atomic Cthulhu anthology using Ed Wood, Bunny Breckinridge, the Great Griswell, and a cameo from the great Bela Lugosi.

I’ve always felt a kinship with these strange characters in the book of life.  Recently, I watched the Ed Wood movie starring Johnny Depp and certain similarities in the lifestyle struck a nerve.

  • Working against the odds to see your creation in the hands of readers/viewers?  Check.

  • A close-knit group of friends that love and support you, even when you are out of your mind with obsession with your latest pet project.  Check.

  • An innate happiness associated with working on your dreams.  Check.

How much of that did I absorb through that movie?  It feels like something of the spirit of it imprinted on my soul.

Thank you, Ed Wood.
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2012-08-07 03:40 pm
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You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape

This morning, I walked through the streets of Seattle through a fog. This is not a metaphor. A thick mist of haze settled over Seattle. This would be expected in December, but somewhat surprising in August. The sky is grey straight out of Necromancer like a television tuned to a dead channel.

Contract work at the Mouse continues to amaze me. I love working with happy people. It changes your entire day. I’ve managed to get ahead for once with my freelance fiction writing. I am working on a story due at the end of September.

This one is moving by quickly. I see to have more of an affinity for supernatural horror. I am under a number of different NDAs for various projects. When I am able, I’ll make a couple of announcements. I’m very pleased to be working with a couple of intellectual properties that I simply adore. Work isn’t really work if you love it.

It was very hot this weekend. I couldn’t work out, but I did walk around outside for a while. I managed to see The Dark Knight Rises. It wasn’t good as The Dark Knight. I thought Hathaway stole the show. The main two villains didn’t work for me. Bane always bores me. Talia could have been so much better as a character. I think the addition of Catwoman diminished her screen time and the possibility for her redemption. That said, I enjoyed watching the movie. Comic book movies continue to improve in quality and we’re seeing a renaissance previously unimagined at a time when Ghostbusters was the best genre movie around.

The big surprise is the excitement I feel about the new Man of Steel movie. This parody captures a lot of my feelings towards Superman. It might be that the All-Star Superman limited series changed that for me. I love Morrison's Superman and I hope that one day I get a chance to write the character. I am very excited by this movie after seeing the trailer. Superman can be an amazing character as proven by Grant Morrison.

I need to do some research for some of these projects coming up this year. I won't complain as I am loving it. I have good friends and family supporting me. I will be very happy to have a writing room all to myself. Thus far, I have enjoyed 2012. I have hopes that it will continue to be an awesome year.