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I have two new stories that have been published this month in new anthologies.

"My Love is Vengeance" appears in Bite From the Heart from Rainstorm Press.   This story has a special place in my heart.  I consider it the first real story that I've ever written.  It was initially the first chapter of the first version of my novel The Highway West.

This is a story about two desperate souls, both orphans, looking for redemption and some sort of peace in life.   It just so happens that one of them is a cranky badass vampire.

This novella takes place in the Dreamlands Universe.

"Asenath" appears in the delightful Cthulhu: A Love Story from Loyal Stone Press.   I am glad that this story is finally seeing print.  Asenath Waite Derby is one of the precious few interesting female characters that Lovecraft wrote and I always felt sad for the lack of examination of this character.  This story imagines what her life must have been like before the seminal classic "The Thing on the Doorstep."  This story is not for the faint of heart.
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