Oct. 2nd, 2012

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Mae Empson and I are pleased to announce that we're editing a speculative fiction anthology titled The Future Embodied.

You can check out the submission guidelines and all of the important details here: http://futureembodiedanthology.wordpress.com/
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I will be hosting my writer's workshop at Howl Con in Portland next weekend.  Check it out!!!

Do you yearn to write? Are you having trouble completing a story? Do you feel that you lack inspiration or motivation? Do you just stare at the blank page? Are you confused about where to find open-submission projects looking for writers? Come to the Interactive Writing Workshop! Participants will complete a number of short writing exercises designed to stimulate the creative process. The purpose of the workshop is to teach participants the basics of the writing for publication: researching a market, brainstorming for the project, writing a story, and then submitting it. Participants will be working towards actual open-submission markets.

Requirements: All participants should bring whatever writing instruments they feel most comfortable using; either a laptops or pen and paper. Everyone must participate.

Potential Target Anthologies:

The Green Man: http://www.urbangreenman.com/
Elektrik Milk Bath Press Urban Fantasy Anthology: http://www.elektrikmilkbathpress.com/submissions
We See a Different Frontier: http://djibrilalayad.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/we-see-different-frontier-call-for.html
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One Shot - A Roleplaying Game of Murder and Vengeance is a new RPG Kickstarter project.  I love the idea of this game.

One of the stretch goals involves me writing a story in this universe for an anthology.  Check it out and support people creating fun new games!!!

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