Sep. 10th, 2012

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Here is a quick life update:

I finished reading Bullettime by Nick Mamatas this morning on the bus.  I'm digesting it now.  I know that I enjoyed it, but still considering what I think about it.  The novel reminds me just a bit of the unreliable narrator structure of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir by Caitlín R. Kiernan and this is not a bad thing.

Reviews shall be coming forth for this novel and Never by Jason Vanhee this week on my breaks.  Unreliable

I am very much enjoying this season of Doctor Who.  I shall miss Amy Pond.  She rates just under Donna Noble for me as favorite companion.  It is not because the actress is stunningly beautiful.  There is something about her that simply appeals to me.  Besides she passed the Ghostbusters test.  Any time someone asks if you are a queen or a god, the answer is ALWAYS yes.

I fear that I am starting to understand Ruby, which means that my mind is about to slip into non-euclidean geometry madness.  My contract with the Mouse has been extended and my boss seems to love my work.

Freelance writing is going amazing.  Click here to see my future publications page.  This week I shall be under the radar a good deal of the time trying to honor all of my commitments.  Thankfully, I shall have a week between my deadlines and Atlanta By Night.

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