Jan. 7th, 2012

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I had a good time last time. Secluded with my headphones and the comptuer screen flicking in front of me, I managed a mini-marathon:

A Wicked Messenger: 23,682 total words (900 new words)

Twilight Temptations: Copyedited 4 more stories. (3 more to go)

"Nothing Has Changed of the Sorrow in Store" 800 words.

I also a bunch of research for a plotpoint for A Wicked Messenger and then several points for "Murder on the Feng Shui Express"

I ended the night watching my favorite episode of Doctor Who. Note: For those of you playing the home game, I'm refering to Vincent and the Doctor. There are two scenes in that one that just hits me directly in the heart.

The first is when the Doctor, Vincent, and Amy are lying in a field watching the stars and Vincent describes what he sees as the screen transmutes into Starry Night.

The last scene is the best/worst. The Doctor takes Vincent to the future in order to see his paintings on display. He weaps. Amy is hopeful that this moment prevents his suicide and it doesn't. The Doctor's speech about good things and bad things in a life is I think the best speech in almost any televison series.

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